We are meeting these sides at GALAXO.pl it isn't only a simple offer, it is a compendium of information about technology products, that is in a word of our passion. Beginnings of our activity in this industry it is a road of attempts and mistakes, but this way it is only possible to reach the level in which we are today. New challenges shaped our team for years, giving feeling the certainty that what we are doing makes sense not only for us, but above all for our customers. Paper bags we produce which in our company are an inspected product. Materials are selected to the production not accidentally, we are basing technologies on experience, and we are putting the professionalism of the service first. Paper Galaxo bags are a collection constantly widened for new sizes, patterns and possibilities of refining paper. In our today's offer you will find eco-friendly bags from recycled papers but also the bag exclusive made of papers of first waters with the wide range of improving.

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